Drawing by Isaac

A student I worked with in 2003 drew this. I think he was ten at the time. I remember when I saw him drawing it, I immediately started laughing at the humor and was impressed with how his steep hill extended off the paper. I told him it was an excellent drawing and asked him … More Drawing by Isaac

Haters gonna…

There are moments when I realize just how much work I have to do, in order to be a truly compassionate person. Most recently, at a friend’s dinner party, Gwen Stefani came up (they were talking about the kids show she made) and I blurted out, “I hate Gwen Stefani.” I realized the look of … More Haters gonna…

Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month to YOU

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month! It’s a mouthful, but stop being lazy. Like Black History and Women’s History months, I see May as a time to have heightened awareness of AAPI history and current issues. Unlike those other two months, I rarely see May talked about with the emphasis on AAPI heritage … More Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month to YOU

April 29, 1992

Racism in the United States is…complicated. Given the lazy nature of human brains, it takes  great effort to try and understand all the factors that go into prejudiced thinking and actions. For real though, if everybody learned the basics of psychology and neurobiology (NERD ALERT) I think we’d be leaps and bounds closer to a … More April 29, 1992