Bravo, Master of None

It’s been a week since K and I binge watched Master of None Season 2 on Netflix. The show, its writing, its casting, its creative approach to storytelling—have left an impression on me that I’m delighted to bear.

I like to experience things that nourish my soul, and usually those things are experiences that don’t involve a screen. However, Master of None Season 2 nourished the shit outta my soul. With representation like I’ve NEVER seen before on any show, by talking about fetishes and racism in a way that’s funny and kind. There’s a particular scene when the character Dev (played by Aziz Ansari) is texting with a woman and she plays off a joke from an earlier conversation they had; she playfully asks if there’s a “curry person” who’d like to hang out with her. Dev replies that even as a joke, he’s not engaging with that term. She revises and asks him directly if he’d like to join her. It’s a brief moment, one I imagine doesn’t flip any switches, push any buttons, or set off any triggers for viewers who aren’t POC. giphy-downsizedBut for me, I SO appreciated that moment. It retroactively defeated every instance I’ve heard someone hide behind meanness and/or racism veiled as humor who’s said, “I’m just joking,” or “Don’t get so upset, it’s just a joke.” For me, that scene offered inspiration and a concrete comeback for the next time I’m in a situation when someone is mixing racism with humor.

There are so many moments of brilliance like this one in Master of None, I’m grateful that Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang created the show.


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