Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month to YOU

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month! It’s a mouthful, but stop being lazy. Like Black History and Women’s History months, I see May as a time to have heightened awareness of AAPI history and current issues. Unlike those other two months, I rarely see May talked about with the emphasis on AAPI heritage (like displays at the public library, influx of empowering articles/images/memes in my fb feed). If you know me at all, you know I don’t like to complain without taking some sort of action.

On an individual level, I’m dedicating all my reading this month to books by or about Asians and Asian Americans. I’m going to watch Moana in order to learn about Pacific Islanders (kidding! I’m going to do actual research about Pacific Islander heritage—maybe inspired by a visit to the Denver Art Museum’s Asian Art Collection).

I’m super duper wouldn’t be surprised if I wet my pants excited about May 12th. MASTER OF NONE SEASON TWO is released on the 12th, and if you haven’t yet witnessed the hilarity and brilliance that is Aziz Ansari, go watch one of his standup specials (available on Netflix) or if you trust me, binge watch Master of None Season One this weekend. Asian representation (Aziz Ansari is of South Asian decent) on tv has come a long way since All-American Girl, starring Margaret Cho; we still have a long way to go (name one television series that stars an Asian American woman as its lead), but I feel like at any moment we could make the leap to get there. Here’s what I happen to be reading this month:FullSizeRender 14


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